Saturday, August 22, 2009

Software to change the start button text

There is a software called resource hacker which helps you to change the text on the start button in windows xp. This software shows many other things which can be useful in the long run but for the time being it is a cool program to see what it looks like to have your name on the start button or anything other than "start".

This program can be downloaded as a freeware from the internet. After unzipping the files run the resource hacker tool. From the program go to file and open C: Windows and open the explorer.exe file. But before opening the file copy the file and save it somewhere safe on other drive. Now open the file through resource hacker. Now we have to make some changes to the string table entries.

Click on the string table and find folder 37. Now click on the 1033 icon. On the right hand side we see that there are many entries with various numbers attached to them. We have to change the string number 578 with the words "start".

Select the word start without the quotes and type whatever you want to be displayed on the start button. Remember to keep the quotes intact. Now click on compile button. Now save the file as save as... explorer1.exe in windows folder.

Next step is to go to start> run> regedit
In the registry go to
Now search for a string with the name as Shell. Double click it to make changes to it. Now type explorer1.exe and click ok. This is done so that the system recognizes the file you have created the next time it logs on. Now quit the registry and log off or reboot. You will now see whatever you wanted to see on the start button.


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