Thursday, August 27, 2009

Registry Easy - Pc tuning software

Registry Easy is a computer tuning software which takes care of all the errors and optimizes your pc to its original lightning fast speed. Every pc users wishes to see his pc running fast and not hanging up for no reason at all and worst still during some important work. Many people have lost their hours of hard work, sometimes even days of hard work due to the computer crashing or hanging up.

Most of the computers today which are 6 months old have a lot of junk data and registry errors which cause the pc to hang or crash without any reason. The time has come to get rid of all such things and make your time worthwhile with a new pc ready to work for your success. This software takes care of almost all the aspects of your pc which are critical for its working.

Registry Easy takes care of junk data which creates clutters in your drives and thereby making access to these drives difficult. It also deletes unnecessary registry entries which often are left behind by the programs which you have uninstalled. These orphaned entries are the main cause for the slowing of pc. This programs also gives you a comprehensive information about your computer and also some excellent suggestions which will help in improving your pc's overall performance. Apart from cleaning, there are many more optimizers which optimize almost all components from bootup time to your internet browser. The program also has an uninstall manager which will help you to get rid of unwanted programs which often come with bundled software and take up the valuable space on your hard drive. Registry Easy also has security features which help you to block unwanted and sometimes harmful activex control which try to download themselves without the consent of the user.

You can take a free scan of your computer to find whether there is any junk data or errors in the registry which are using up critical system resources for no good. Take a free scan of your computer with the link below.

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