Monday, August 23, 2010

How to get 95,237 visitors in a DAY

Let me ask you something...

What if I told you to STOP working day and night writing articles, posting blogs, setting up PPC campaigns, searching high and low for joint venture partners, creating videos ... and all the other back breaking and boring stuff? Would you think I'm crazy? I mean, how else is anyone going to find your website online? How else are you going to get traffic?

Well not so long ago, a close friend of mine, Mo Latif did just that. He walked away and dropped everything.
He stopped article marketing, blogging, SEO, link building, press releases, social bookmarking ... all the old 'traditional' marketing techniques everyone is talking about to this day. He stepped away from these tired and 'old' traffic generation methods, as he was sick of spending all his time at the keyboard. I'm sure you would rather travel, relax and enjoy your life ...wouldn't you?

So why did he suddenly drop the ball? Why didn't he carry on doing what everybody else was doing? He found the truth, it’s mind-blowing to be honest ...

Let me explain...

In the past he was generating around 250 visitors on a bad day. The problem was, no matter how hard he tried, the traffic was LIMTED! He wanted more, a lot more...The traffic levels would never go beyond a certain point. He used every trick in the book over the years, and even had staff working for him. But still, the traffic always hit a peak and just stayed there.

It got worse too... Google would change their search engine algorithms *once again* and did you know they even started banning Adwords accounts for no apparent reason and without notice? This left him no choice but to start all over again ... however this time, it would be much harder, thanks to all the *NEW* hurdles and hoops Google is going to make us jump through. But did you know Google only accounts for 20% of the online traffic? What happened to the other 80%?

For years, he spent all his time serving Google. Playing by their rules, not to forget Yahoo and Bing. A complete search engine puppet ... moulding his lame income around their greedy requirements. Hiring SEO experts, writers, paying for backlinks, social bookmarking, the works, just to keep up with their ever demanding and changing requirements ... in all this time, life passed him by, locked away in his home office, busting his back trying to get (and keep) traffic dribbling to websites.

But NOT anymore as those days are over.

He walked away being a traffic slave and developed a 3 step system which taps into that remaining 80% of online traffic that no one knows about. A traffic goldmine you absolutely must see for yourself if you want to survive online... 

(And no, it's not Facebook, Twitter or Myspace ... it's NOT
about wasting your time trying to make friends with people so you
can sell to them one day)

And get this...

He checked his traffic stats the other day and to my amazement this *NEW* unknown traffic source had generated 95,237 visitors in a single day ... and it didn't involve ANY of those tired old traffic methods you've been drowning in for so long. He did encounter a problem though ... he was sending TOO MUCH
traffic to websites using nothing but an affiliate link! That's right ... NO website and guess what else ... ?

The fulfillment people called him up and said stop whatever he was doing because they couldn't process the orders fast enough! Weirdos?!

Read more about this in an exclusive report which shows you how
he did it ... 

But that's not all...

Some people might say ANYONE can get a lot of traffic, but targeted traffic is what pays the bills...right? Well, let me reassure you ... this secret traffic source helped generate $184,195 in ONE MONTH, just as an affiliate.

Is that targeted enough for you? :)

Listen ... forget hiring SEO experts, paying for overpriced Adword ads and giving huge chunks of each sale away to affiliates and JV partners..... this system makes money so easily, it uses nothing but 3 steps in any niche or market. Other people might say you need to be an expert, or have special connections. Honestly, they couldn’t be further from the truth....You see, this was done without any partner traffic, without
affiliates, without using existing traffic sources, without calling in any favours and without buying a website which already had traffic.

And for the record, these 95,237 visitors didn't come from some SEO fluke, some expensive media buys, ad swaps or link building. It was like flipping on a switch, and almost as easy. Plus it's NOT complicated, NOT blackhat, NOT hard work and certainly NOT *ILLEGAL*.

Anyway the traffic from Dec 16th 2009 to Jan 15th 2010 was as low as, a pathetic 251 visits a day.... and after pushing the button on the new traffic source, from Jan 16th to Feb 15th 2010 the visitors skyrocketed up to 95,237 in a DAY! Make no mistake… that is a DAY. The proof is on the page.  No Google. No Yahoo. No Bing. No slaps, no red tape, no SEO, no article writing ... none of the usual crap you've been fed in the past.

So if you want the *underground* shortcut to getting TRUE server crushing traffic, then I strongly suggest you learn it from this f.ree report before he takes it down: 

And here's something else you should know...

A guy doing 'ad-hock jobs' on a FARM used the 3 step system and
guess what ... ?

He went on to generate $1.2 million AND create a list of over
66,000 subscribers.

Crazy? Yes. Impossible? Heck no...

Consider this ... if a total newbie, a farm boy with no experience or skill sets can make that kind of money and success with this, then so can you. In fact, I'm already guessing you're more experienced and smarter than he is. There's a reason why the 'usual' traffic methods don't work anymore ... because every man and his dog is hammering it all day long. Everyone is undercutting the competition, working longer hours, hiring more staff ... it's a blood bath out there.

So my advice is simple...

Walk away from it all, before you get sucked dry to the bone and go mentally insane. Don't get caught up in their vicious cycle and spend the next 5 years hoping things will get better ... because the truth is, it's only going to get tougher and tougher if you stand still and follow the sheep.

Download this f.ree report, and get ready for a *new* future ... a future with no rules, hardly *any*
competition and without spending years stuck in front of the screen trying to figure it out ...
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Monday, August 16, 2010

A New Way to Achieve All Your Dreams

           Name something you want. It can be a weight-loss goal, a money goal, a sales quota, a new house, a relationship, etc. It's entirely up to you.
Since this book is about money, think about your money goals. How much more money are your seeking, anyway? A hundred dollars? Thousands? A million?
Now let me ask you a blunt question: Why don't you have it yet?
Why don't you have the thinner body, or more money, or whatever it is you said you wanted? Well?
Now let me tell you something shocking: The fault isn't with the economy, your parents, your spouse, your neighbors, your mayor, the president or anyone or anything outside of you. There is only one answer to my question of, "Why don't you have it yet?" And I'll tell you what it is in a minute.
Have you ever wondered why so many people have so much trouble getting what they truly want? Have you considered that there could be an easier way though life? Have you ever felt that life was just too much of a struggle? Most of us have, at one time or another, just felt that life was a royal pain. But the liberating truth is this - life doesn't have to be that way.

What's the secret to making life a joy? What's the secret to creating more money now? And what's the answer to why you haven't achieved your goals yet?
It's in your own mind.
No, not in your thoughts. Not in your conscious mind. The roadblock is deeper. It's where you rarely look. It's in your unconscious. In short, if there is something you are trying to achieve - you name it - and you aren't achieving it, chances are your unconscious holds some contradictory intentions for you. Said another way, you want something and it doesn't.
If you are typical, you are constantly giving yourself contradictory instructions - like "I want to lose weight" and "I want that luscious piece of pie." Notice anything odd about them?
Those statements are going in different directions. After years of such frustrating and contradictory messages, your unconscious gives up and starts to disregard what you consciously want.
In other words, you canceled out your own request. You said, "I want money," but right after that you said (or thought), "I don't deserve it" or "Money never comes to me" or some other similar limiting belief. As a result, you usually didn't get what you said you wanted!
But I have good news for you. All that is about to end.

An Introduction To Cybernetic Transposition
I define "Cybernetic Transposition" as: Putting yourself consciously in charge by creating effective communication between your conscious and unconscious minds, by consciously transposing successes from any part of your life into other ones where you consciously want to produce success, resolving self-defeating unconscious habit patterns into ones that support you and by creating effective conscious communication with the part of your that knows what's right for you.
Where did I get the two words that make up the term?
Cybernetics is a term created by the incredibly brilliant Norbert Wiener who developed the discipline and who I used to see wandering the halls of MIT. Cybernetics derives from the Greek word for "steersman" or the person in control.
In a very real sense, our unconscious mind acts as our massively powerful, massively parallel computer comprised of about 100 billion tiny computers called neurons. Usually, our conscious minds are pretty much irrelevant to the functioning of our unconscious.

I'll be teaching you to change that, to bring your conscious mind into the loop so it, in a sense, becomes the steersman.

So the first part of the definition is helping people to be more human rather than acting like machines that operate almost totally unconsciously, out of conscious control.
Transposition is defined as the process of interchanging. In our case, we are taking a memory of success in one aspect of life or in the same aspect at a different time in life and transposing it to create success in a different aspect and/or time.
Now that you have been introduced to the name of the process, let's move on to discovering how to use it to manifest your highest dreams.

Three Steps To More Cash
You're about to learn how a tried and tested three step process can transform your world and bring you all the riches you've ever imagined. I've proven this method will work by testing it on 50,000 people. Now you're going to prove it will work for you.
First, let me introduce you to the basic three steps:

1. Create a Target that defines what you want, one that is clearly understood by all aspects of your un-conscious mind.
Think of the bull's eye of an archery target with its concentric circles enclosing a central red circle. Your unconscious mind needs something as clear as that circle, a target that indicates exactly what you want.

2. Prioritize your Target: Flag it so that you will remain unconsciously focused on it while you get on with your normal activities.
Imagine a large crows of people, all dressed alike in gray. Now picture one of them holding up your highly graphic bulls' eye target with the bright red center. Chances are, the target is what will catch your eye. That's what happens in your unconscious mind when you have appropriately prioritized your target.

3. Resolve any self-defeating un-conscious habit patterns that can prevent you from achieving your target.
Your unconscious habits govern what you normally do in a situation. The most efficient way to go through life is to do a lot of things on automatic - except when those automatic habit patterns get in the way. In other words, most people have unconscious mechanisms that sabotage their desire to hit the target. When you clear those, you are free to hit the mark.

One Last Thing
You don't have to believe this is going to work. You probably have your doubts. You probably want to raise a ton of money fast but are highly suspicious that this method will work for you. Well, I've taught my seminar to 50,000 people. Even the ones who didn't believe this would work still got results.
The truth is this:
1. If you have a modest goal or target, you can use the Basic three steps we've been talking about to achieve it.
2. If you have what feels like an "Impossible" desire, you can use the Super Achievement process to achieve it.
Either way, your results are just waiting for you!

Excerpted from the ebook "How to Make Lots of Money for Anything - Fast!" by Stuart Lichtman.
How to Order from the Universe

The universe you live in works very much like a popular restaurant. You go in, you decide what you want, you order it, you receive it, and you digest it.

Unfortunately, a lot of people don't seem to know how to order. Some are downright inept at it. They walk into this restaurant, behave like complete idiots, and they end up hungry and disappointed. Then they complain about the restaurant and post negative reviews online, despite the fact that the restaurant has received rave reviews from the most experienced food critics.

The Universal Restaurant

I can't tell you how many times I encounter people who set goals like, "I want a romantic partner," or "I want a stable job that pays more money," or "I want to lose weight." I've heard enough of this drivel to last a lifetime. It's reached the point where I may start carrying around a squirt gun and shoot people in the eye when they say stuff like this.

Those are crap goals. Don't waste your time on them. And definitely don't say them within earshot of me.

Setting such goals is the equivalent of walking into a restaurant and proclaiming, "I'm hungry. I want some food."

First, people will look at you like you're an idiot. They're only doing that because you are.

Second, you won't get fed.

If you're lucky, someone might hand you a menu and ask you what you'd like to order. You can order off the menu, or you can concoct something creative, but either way you have to be specific. If you stand there asking for food, you'll remain hungry.

Is this happening in your life right now? Are you standing at the Universal Restaurant, waiting for your desires to manifest, and receiving only static in response? Might the reason be that the wait staff can't figure out what the heck you're actually trying to order?

The Universe is extremely adept at fulfilling your desires — but only if you have the wherewithal to decide and order what you want. If you can't do that — and it matters not what excuses you have — you will remain hungry.

Sometimes the universe will take a stab at bringing your what you ask for. Then you reject it because, although it's what you asked for (such as a generic "romantic partner"), it isn't what you actually want. Then maybe the universe tries a few more times, and you continue to send back whatever it brings you. So eventually it gives up, concluding that you're an unreasonable customer and that it's better off spending its time and energy serving the patrons who know how to place an order properly. It says, "Ok, we're done for now. Call me back to your table when you've figured out what you actually want."

How to Order

When you set goals and intentions, place an order. Don't ask, "Please can I…?" Simply order, much like you would in a restaurant. Say, "I'll have the …" Then expect to receive what you order.

Don't be timid or cowardly or uncertain. Just state your order, and expect to get it. If you screw this up, no soup for you.

Take as much time as you want to decide what to order, but when you place your order, accept what you ordered, and know that you're going to receive it. You may have some buyer's remorse if it's not as good as you hoped, but that's okay. Receive it anyway. There will always be other meals, other orders. Not everything you receive will taste like ambrosia.

Be specific in asking for what you want.

Don't ask for more money. If you want $50K cash, then order $50K cash. Don't ask for it. Order it.

Don't ask for a better job. If you want to be a fashion blogger who travels around the world and gets free invites to major fashion shows and has 500,000 monthly readers, then order that.

Don't ask for a romantic partner. If you want a geeky, vegan, bisexual, happily jobless girlfriend who loves to travel, then order that. Order it loudly enough so your waiter can hear you, and people at nearby tables will say, "I didn't know that was on the menu. I'll have one of those too… with a twist of lemon."

One of the best ways to get what you actually want is to take your best guess, and order it. When you get what you ask for, it may not turn out quite right. That contrast between what you received and how you feel about it will give you a better sense of what you actually do want. Then you can make a better guess and take another stab at placing an order.

As you repeat this process, you'll gradually hone in on what you actually desire most at a very deep level. And then you'll get a chance to receive and experience it fully.

Realize that this is an iterative process. Don't be a perfectionist. That's like sitting in a restaurant for hours, trying to decide what you want, while impatient waiters periodically refill your water glass and pressure you to order something. It's just a meal, so make a decision, get fed, and get out. Even if it turns out to be less than you hoped for, there will be plenty of other meals. The occasional bad meal is inevitable.

How to Be an Idiot Who Can't Order at a Restaurant

What happens if you change your order before you receive it? Same thing that happens in a real restaurant. What would happen if you grabbed the waiter and changed your order before it arrived? No problem, but you'll have to wait even longer because the waiter has to cancel the original order and then submit the new one. And if you keep doing that over and over, you'll piss off the waiter and will never receive a meal. Have you been doing something like that in real life? Blue… no red… no blue! Ahhhh!

What happens if you order something, and then when you get it, you don't like it? You can eat it anyway, or you can send it back. Either way, there will be other meals. You can always order again. Learn from the experience, and do your best to make a more intelligent choice next time. You may need to sample a few items from the menu to figure out what you like and don't like. Your first order at any new restaurant may very well be your worst experience there.

What happens if you complain about the way the system works? It's not fair! I can't figure out what I want! I keep going back and forth between two possibilities! Stop pressuring me! You're free to do that, but the system will process you like an idiot. Again, that's only because you are.

If you rail against the system, it's not going to work for you. If you can't follow the simple rules, the system will process you like an idiot customer till you figure it out.

Here are the rules: Decide what you want, order it, receive it, and digest it. It's not rocket science. Don't make it complicated. It's easier to follow the rules than it is to break them. Even a child can do it.

Your Choice

Despite the obvious drawbacks, you're still free to behave like an idiot customer whenever you choose. You're free to make a vague request. You're free to change your mind every 5 minutes. You're free to reject your order after it arrives. But of course all of those actions have consequences. If you behave stupidly, you'll get stupid results.

Technically speaking, this isn't a problem. The Universal Restaurant is robust enough to handle people like you. It will process you without prejudice. However, you won't have a very good experience, and in the end you'll be disappointed with the food and/or service. Other members of your party will also be disappointed, either with the restaurant or with you personally. No one at your table will seem to be having a good time unless you order properly. If you screw it up, you'll ruin everyone's evening.

This restaurant, however, is perfectly capable of preparing the most amazing gourmet meals you could ever fancy. You just have to order properly. Be specific. Be clear, direct, and confident. Be audible. And don't keep changing your mind after you've placed your order.

When you receive your order, accept it with gratitude. Smell it. Taste it. Savor each delicious bite. Share it with others at your table if they'd like a taste, and taste some of their food too. It won't be perfect, but it's better than going hungry. Learn from the experience, and allow it to inform your future ordering decisions. Eventually you'll become a master connoisseur of the Universal Restaurant.

Work with the rules of the Universal Restaurant to enjoy the best meals of your life. Don't rail against the system. Don't be a clueless customer. And don't post negative reviews about it online.

Note: The Universal Restaurant is not to be confused with The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. I know that's what you were thinking.

By Steve Pavlina / Source: