Sunday, August 23, 2009

Priority Tweaks without any software

Priority tweaks are those changes which we can make to some of the system components to load faster and utilize more resources than those which are not critical. Although these tweaks are very advanced and need to be done very cautiously, once done correctly, there will be significant improvement in the way your system behaves generally; and especially during startup. System crashes and instability are common consequences of doing these tweaks in haste. Also, giving priority to more than one critical components can cause system instability or there might be no measurable changes to the system as it takes the default values.

Let us look at one of the priority tweaks which can make bootup faster than most of the computers. Various systems have reported to boot completely within 30 seconds of starting. Of course, this result is in conjunction with other optimizing tweaks, but 30 seconds is very less time to load a system with windows xp or even vista for that matter.

The priority tweak we are going to make now is called IRQ priority tweak. We can give a priority to system CMOS or video card to improve I/O performance or increase the frame rate respectively. Generally the system CMOS has an IRQ number 8. We have to create a dword value in the following path of the registry.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ System \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ PriorityControl

Right click on the right-hand side and click on New>Dword value. Now type IRQ8Priority and click OK. Double click on the key and set the value to 1 and press OK.

By the way, if you want to give priority to any other component, you can find its IRQ number by right clicking on My Computer icon on desktop and going to Manage. In computer management go to Device Manager and click on View button in the Main Menu. Here, click on resources by type. Now navigate to Interrupt Request(IRQ) and expand the icon. You will find the IRQ numbers of various components. You can also find them by going to Start> Run and type msinfo32.exe. Now expand the tab Hardware Resources and click on IRQs.

The changes will will seen after the sytem is rebooted. If everything is done correctly, there will be significant changes in bootup period and also in the behavior of various software.


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