Friday, August 21, 2009

Decreasing bootup time without software

There are various ways to decrease bootup time without using any software. We just have to make some tweaks into our system and we can get the most out of it. The most optimized windows xp machines have shown to load within 30 seconds! Since one machine can do it every other machine which runs windows xp can do it too. There are a few simple changes which can be done through control panel and some other which can be done through making changes to the registry keys.

1. Defragmenting the drives: This can be done by going to My computer> right click on a particular drive> properties> tools> defragmentation. This can also be done through start> programs> accessories> system tools> disk defragmenter.

2. Disabling most of the visual effects can boost the performance of windows xp. This can be through control panel> display> appearance> effects. Disable all the effects. You can also do it by right clicking on desktop> properties.

3. Start> Run> Type msconfig and press Enter. Now go to Startup tab and disable all those programs which are not needed during startup. Usually no programs are required other than firewall and antivirus during startup.

4. Start> Run> Type services.msc and press Enter. A list of services appears along with their description. Choose their startup type by double clicking on them.

5. Clean your desktop of unwanted icons and do not keep any folders with data in them. Each icon takes time to load and many can have a considerable effect on boot time.


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